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Aug 13 2014

Git pack errors

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After being burned a few times using Dropbox to store private git repos, I moved them all to a private server on AWS. And for quite a while now I've been corruption free and have had no problems. However, while cloning a rather old repo recently I ran into the strangest problem.

Jul 20 2014

Getting "named links" (sometimes called "deep links") working on a page with a fixed header is pretty straight forward. The key is in moving the links up the page the same amount as the height of the header. In this case you have to make sure your links are not wrapping anything:

Feb 06 2014

Sometimes you just need a progress bar. While working on a HTML5 game last year we had the issue where we were making an ajax request for two very large files and then processing them both. Roughly the times were a minute for each file on a slow connection and then