The Code of No-Code

Recent Work Last checked November 20th, 2017

Casino Slots – DoubleDown Interactive

Mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop app using a custom framework built with Google Closure. Slot development utilized keyframe and transition (scale, fade, move, etc) animations using LimeJS and Coconut as well as audio accross all three platforms.

Desktop App (requires login with facebook):

Cisco Live 2014 – Welcome Address

Angular and Node sites built for a 15 minute presentation to mock up a regional train control center, tunnel inspector iPad app, and an call center support app on Android. Mobile apps were built using PhoneGap.

Exerpt video: [download]

Web Videos – Real Networks

Backbone and Ruby on Rails single page app. Work included front and back end development. Expanded test coverage for both, including automated testing using Phantom.

The Game Finder – Big Fish Games

iPhone and iPad app written entirely in Javascript using MVC and Ajax. All views are rendered using HTML Templates and CSS3 styling.