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Aug 13 2014

Git pack errors

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After being burned a few times using Dropbox to store private git repos, I moved them all to a private server on AWS. And for quite a while now I've been corruption free and have had no problems. However, while cloning a rather old repo recently I ran into the strangest problem.

Aug 12 2013

Using Dropbox and Git

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I use this all the time, but can never remember the steps:

cd ~/Dropbox/Git
git init --bare Project
cd ~/Development/Project
git init
git al
git i 'First commit'
git remote add dropbox ~/Dropbox/Git/Project
git p dropbox master

Edit 2014-08-13:

Mar 15 2013

I added a new section to my .gitconfig file today and realized that looking at it as a whole it's a bit overwhelming (40 commands). However, considering it's history it just a natural evolution from my first file and simple usage of git to now. I don't remember exactly what my first .gitconfig looked like, but I can guess. It pretty much only included the most basic day to day commands:

  ad = add
  br = branch
  ci = commit
  lg = log
  mr = merge
  co = checkout
  st = status